Our Team

At this time we remain in a stealth mode with a lean and effective staff.

Our resources are evenly divided between proven educational consultants, technologist & business development staff.

Founder and CTO:

Over 15 years of specifying and bringing new software products to the global market place.

Sr VP of Digital Curriculum:

Our consultant is currently responsible for the Digital Curriculum for an entire school district; a position held for the past 3+ years. They have been instrumental in bringing new technology based education tools and infrastructure into the school system including a myriad of solutions from Smart Technologies. Recently recognized by Apple Inc as an “ADE” – Apple Distinguished Educator, they established a reputation as a teacher and text book author. They bring over 20 years of solid knowledge in educating diverse student populations from a variety of socio-economic environments.

For further information:

You may reach us at this email: info@CerebralTree.com

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